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Justice for Healthcare Workers

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Goals of Our Union at EMMC

* These goals are the result of compiling the input from 50 workers at EMMC. No one else made this up except for us workers at EMMC. This is our union and what it stands for - not anything else. This is just the beginning. Through conversation with our co-workers, we will continue to build our local union. *

1. Respect

2. An equal voice for all employees

3. Worker rights applied equally to everyone No Favoritism

4. Wages Fair wages (equal to other NE States), Seniority, Holiday pay,Preceptor pay

5. Worker directed and controlled union

6. Someone in my corner, fighting for and defending my rights

7. Eliminate a hostile work environment

8. Better communication between staff/management

9. Job protection under the law

10. A place at the decision-making table

11. Make EMMC follow the law on FMLA and other legal rights

12. A fair attendance policy

13. Confidentiality issues remain confidential ie. Health and Family Issues

14. Advocate legal treatment of employees and employee policies

15. The right to know what and by who you are being accused of

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