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Justice for Healthcare Workers


* Respect What it really means at EMMC*

Everybody wants respect.

Through meetings at the Union Hall in Brewer, we have decided that it is the # 1 goal of our union.

However, respect is not always easy to make real. We realize this and have started the process of defining what respect means to our union.

Our Union is about Respect for

1 All other employees

Everyone at EMMC has role. There is a need for management to make sure the hospital runs smoothly and there is a need for dietary to make sure no patient goes hungry. Our hospital takes all of us.

2 Ourselves

We are caregivers and work to make the hospital run. It is largely the grunt work cleaning, giving baths, transporting patients, cooking but without us the hospital could not function. We care for and respect others, and we also care for and respect ourselves and the work we do.

3 Our patients

Our patients are the most important part of our job.

We give them the best care we are capable of giving.

4 The healthcare system

We work within the healthcare sector, which has many different parts including government, business, individuals and various organizations. Our union is about playing a positive role in healthcare in Eastern Maine and beyond.

5 Our Union

We are building a union that deserves respect, which means that our union

1 Is a vehicle for improving work environment, conditions and treatment

2 Stand for open and honest communication between members and the community

3 An organization that finds common ground and the greater good for all

4 An organization which stands by its members like a family - An injury to one is an injury to all!

5 Stands for fundamental rights and freedoms

6 A body that meets, discusses and critiques the issues of the day to provide paths to achieve our goals

7 Our union is us

For comments and questions, click here: Organizer Jack McKay!

Assistant Directing Business Representative :

David Lowell
575 Mt. Ephraim Road
Searsport ME. 04974
Office Phone: 716-487-1981
Cell Phone: 207-460-1301
Home: 207-548-0099
Email david.Lowell@verizon.net


Jack McKay
20 Ivers Street
Brewer, ME 04401
office: 989-4141
Cell Phone 949-0708
Email: jack@gbaclc.org

Grand Lodge Representative
Brian Bryant
Cell Phone 469-5457

Directing Business Representative :

Norm Smith
1640 Wellman Rd.
Asheville, New York 14710
Office Phone: 716-487-1981
Cell Phone: 716-499-0367
Home: 716-763-2803

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