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EMMC Worker Letter to Editor
Bangor Daily News, April 27, 2006, letter to the editor by Cathy Looke

I have worked at Eastern Maine Medical Center for 34 years and love my job. I have also been an active union supporter for just under a year. I have 4 years left until I retire and it is my goal to see a union of and by the workers formed before I retire. Currently we have a great hospital but I believe that through building our union we can make it better.

I am moved to respond to Phil Demersí April 5th article EMMC a fine institution that respects labor laws because in it he attacks our union and our co-workers.

I am very disappointed that Demers would disrespect his co-workers at the hospital with nasty, personal attacks on our honesty and integrity. There is no place in our hospital for such malicious comments and vicious personal attacks. I appreciate the need for a debate of differing views and I am glad that Mr. Demers, who I have worked with and is an excellent dialysis tech, cares about the hospital and is willing to speak out to support his feelings. However, our hospital works best when we respect all people at the hospital and the roles they play.

The people that he personally attacked are standing up for their rights and what they feel are best for the hospital. Mr. Demers should respect that. Our hospital has a no retaliation policy for workers who speak out on legal and workplace issues. This policy should be applied to all, even those who support management's position, because itís the right thing for our hospital.

The union has committed to a campaign of respect for all parties. Hospital management (which includes Mr. Demers wife), and its supporters, should do the same. Cathy Looke, Certified Nursing Tech, Ortho/Neuro/Psyche/Medical

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